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Dear anyone who reads this, I am currently working on an international-based work of art and I need as much help as I can get ...I need as many people as I can to write one of theses phrases on a piece of paper/on any object you want, and then I need them to take a photo of it...the photograph can be camera phone quality or professional grade...ill will give you/them credit, and the photograph will be located at thanielionlee.com ... I will also need to know the location of the work. The photos should be emailed to thanielionlee@gmail.com


the phrases

1. a list of things you need, but do not have.
2. how much money do actually need to survive.
3. look up the word run.
4. what use are legs if they are rarely used by the people who have them, and are unneeded by those who don't.
5. how much does it cost the government to make a dollar bill.
6. what is the difference between believing in something and knowing something.
7. what percentage of a lie contains truth.
8. who do we hate, and what does that tell us about ourselves.
9. a house constructed without walls.
10. is anything worth its cost.
11. within every victim of wars head lied the potential of thinking of a solution to every reason to goto war.
12. all art is propaganda.
13. how many of your thought are actually your own , and how many are the collective thoughts of your society.
14. within every solution there is a problem in hiding.
15. imagine your self without thumbs.
16. learn to live without wanting anything you do not need.
17. history is societies attempt to figure out what to remember and what to forget.
18. are you who you always wanted to be or are you what they wanted you to be.
19. a list of everything that you consider sacred.
20. children are a biological byproduct of what we do naturally.
21. how many years must a people live on a chunk of land before they are considered native.
22. the unfortunate truth of life is that money will solve all your problems.
23. doctors lie.
24. knowledge is powerless with out action.
25. you are only partial owner of your thoughts.
26. who owns the sky.
27. what you don't see is what you usually get.

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dear everyone

please forgive the promotional aspect of this post but a visual artist,
and i am currently looking for some shows to be in this year. my
website is at thanielionlee.com

below is my artist statement

My work is about my life as a person with a disability, I use both
humor and seriousness as away of dissecting and examining the world in
which both you and I live in. I frequently cite and use history, my
personal life and the experiences of others as a means of questioning
and re-examining our societies view point on the concept that is

Aesthetically most of my work falls under the category of conceptual
art, in that the concept of the work comes first and then the
aesthetic/type of work comes after I have thought about the work and
came to decision on how the idea should be presented. I feel that this
way of making and presenting work/ideas allows me to be more flexible
when it comes to the amount of money, time and space I need to execute
a work of art.

-thaniel ion lee

Postcards from the Edge of the Global Culture of Capitalism

I am in the process of rounding out an art project in need of
international support:
the latest layer to evolve out of a dip into political art has
manifested on www.elizabetelliott.com. the project is called
"Post-Modern Political Prayer Cards: Postcards from the Edge of the
Global Culture of Capitalism"

i am auctioning off a body of work that i organized for a brief on
politics, but much of the work is conceptual commentary on the art
market itself as much as capitalism. id really like it if you have
time to check it out to send me feedback and ideas!

The project of course does not end with me so all feedback is
essential! im happy to answer questions as well where my motives or
choices seem unclear.

a warning: i am working with loaded imagery and some of the outcomes
include possibly offencive material.
just another all american girl

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Why is innocence synonymous with eroticism in popular culture? A survey of the media suggests the sexual exploitation of children is both an unequivocal taboo and a pervasive fantasy. Within media sources as varied as Vogue and Disney, women masquerade as powerless and infantilized children, while pre-pubescent girls are portrayed as sexually precocious yet vulnerable. My work is driven by my obsessive hunt to elucidate the ways in which these societal tastes shape both our sexual predators and their ill-fated prey. These are my sinister and humorous interpretations of the eroticized chimeras to which some look for inspiration, and others look for titillation.

The rest of the series exists on www.giantvagina.com.... comments appreciated

Awesome exhibits!

I just got back from New York. I attended the preview shows for the SCOPE, PULSE, DiVA, and Armory Show exhibit.

This artist exhibited at SCOPE.


I also have interviewed several SAIC faculty members and established artists: Norman Carlberg, Chet Zar, Mark Ryden, Aleksandra Mir, Charles Thomson, Carrie Ann Baade... the list goes on! http://myartspace.com/interviews/

An introduction to my art blog.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'd like to invite members of this community to my art blog. You can visit it by clicking on the following link: http://myartspace.com/blog/

I'm interested in interviewing artists. I've already interviewed over a dozen. Some are just starting out... others are well-known. My goal is to help artists connect with others.
You can see the interviews by going to the following link: http://myartspace.com/interviews/

I also interview gallery directors so that artists can learn about exhibition spaces that they may not have been aware of. Contact me if you are an artist or represent a gallery and are interested in being interviewed. I'll consider anything.

Also, I have a group on myspace.com so if you are on there feel free to join.
http://groups.myspace.com/myartspaceblog I just started it recently.

Enjoy the blog,

Brian Sherwin

Photo Realism Pains me

Bonjour. Today my bug bear is painters that are obsessed with photo realism.
It is a joke a photo is not real never can be, never will be. It catches one aspect of a moment that is all, it can never catch the true essence of anything especially something living. Sigh. I am just not into it, as far as i am concerned it is a con and is on a par with zoos.
Don't get me wrong i love photography, but why would you want to paint a photograph of something in intricate detail, which you pass off as being an exact likeness of something or most commonly someone, other than to show off your painterly obsessive prowess?

As usual with my Art relationship i get anti something only to love and understand it some months later but actually right now i am thinking how dull it is to copy something, why not write lines:
'I will develop the ability to see the other wordliness of painting, and to see its potential as a developmental tool that can facilitate my growth beyond reproducing works in a style that were popular well over 100 years ago' Oh yeah but the camera wasn't even invented then agggh.

Ok feel better now :)
Wow just realised no one has posted here in 7 months! oh well for want of a better word i am a 'conceptual' art student and love art theory. If anyone is out there there there, post please.


I am enjoying reading the posts in this community! I will post more soon enough. If anyone checks out my journal and/or art and would like to "freind" me please feel free to do so.

Thanks for your time!